The Great Days of Service is an event that takes place once a year where we pair volunteers to many service projects around the county. These service projects can range from landscaping projects to construction projects – whatever the need of the agency happens to be.

This year, due to the economy, there has been a great need to food, as many families were losing, homes, jobs and access to bare necessities. Due to the increase in people needing food as a basic need, the food pantries in Gwinnett were facing a huge problem meeting those needs, as their stock was running low. Many were forced to turn families away because they just had no food to give them.

This was one of the efforts that we really wanted to push this year and wanted as many people as possible to assist us in collecting food for those in need. Many of the donations will go to local food pantries across Gwinnett. This effort by the schools, can almost alleviate the food shortage and that is why we wanted to push for this as a major project for the Great Days of Service – it was just the biggest need!

There are other projects taking place across the county! I encourage you to visit our website: to look at the list of volunteer projects going on over those 2 days. I’ll be happy to answer any other questions you may have!