Volunteer Spotlight: Volunteer Gwinnett And Gwinnett County Gives Back

Volunteer Gwinnett is helping volunteerism GROW in Gwinnett!

The Gwinnett Coalition for Health and Human Services has had a strong community relationship with Gwinnett County for its 26 years of operation, and in the last 5 years of Gwinnett Great Days of Service, our relationship has also grown in partnership with Gwinnett’s volunteer management area, Volunteer Gwinnett.  Each year, thousands of Gwinnett volunteers access Gwinnett Great Days of Service projects hosted by our partners Gwinnett County/Volunteer Gwinnett.  We even have a unique partnership this year as many Gwinnett County employees are able to volunteer time and join Gwinnett citizens to make a difference in Gwinnett!

Here are just a few of the many Gwinnett Great Days of Service projects…

Junior Achievement

Path Project

Salvation Army


THANK YOU, Gwinnett County!

THANK YOU, Volunteer Gwinnett!

Want to learn more about opportunities YOU can participate in too?  Access all the Projects for 2017 at www.gwinnettgreatdaysofservice.org/projects2017!