Project Ideas

Suggestions for Individuals, small groups, families, large groups – ways in which you can get involved, create a project or participate in one already happening.

Check out the various types of projects available:
Collection Projects  |  Cleaning & Sorting Projects  |  Landscaping Projects  |  Carpentry Projects  |  Other Projects


There is a growing need in our communities for food, personal hygiene items and much more.  This can be collected before Great Days of Service and delivered on the day to one of Gwinnett County’s helping agencies.

  • Food – dry food i.e. rice, pasta, instant potatoes, grits
  • Food – protein/meat – fish, tuna, ham
  • Food – other i.e. soup, fruit, pasta, vegetables
  • Paper goods – toilet paper, paper towels
  • Personal hygiene items – diapers sizes 3, 4, 5 & pull ups
  • Personal hygiene items – ladies sanitary items
  • Personal hygiene items – toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, disposable razors, shampoo
  • Blankets
  • Gift certificates for fast food in small denominations
  • Cleaning supplies – i.e. dish detergent, laundry soap etc
  • Drives

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Collecting Project Ideas

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Cleaning & Sorting:

Lots of agencies need extra hands to help with property maintenance and cleaning – bring a bucket, rags, gloves and you are on your way to making a real difference!

  • Cleaning – cars, floors, rooms, outside areas,  etc
  • Cleaning and/or sorting donations
  • Roadside trash pick up

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Cleaning Project Ideas

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Gardens, parks, public pathways, seniors homes…all can use a ‘spruce-up’ at this time of year.

  • Grass cutting, weed clearing…
  • Putting up fences or fixing them
  • Planting flowers, shrubs etc
  • Setting up and planting a new garden
  • Yard clear up and clean up

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Landscape Project Ideas

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Sometimes schools or agencies need a new bench or a door/window repaired – anyone handy with a saw and nails would be a real help.

  • Building benches
  • Building tables
  • Repairing items such as doors, floors, walls….
  • Painting- a fresh coat of paint makes everything look better…
  • Painting rooms inside and out
  • Painting outside areas i.e. parking lines, fences, benches, etc
  • Drawing and painting a mural
  • Covering & cleaning up graffiti

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Carpentry Project Example

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Other projects

  • Driving to pick up donations from schools
  • Reading to children
  • Art work preparation for after school projects
  • Visiting seniors
  • Making and serving food for special event programs
  • Festival and race help – car parking, ticket taking, time keeping etc
  • Family Fun Days

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Other Project Ideas

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For more information, contact Suzy Bus 770-995-3339 or email