Amigos for Christ and the Gwinnett Coalition Partner for the Gwinnett Great Days of Service and Celebrate Service Music Festival

Amigos for Christ and the Gwinnett Coalition for Health and Human Services’ have partnered to put on the Gwinnett Great days of Service in conjunction with the Celebrate Service Music Festival.

The Great Days of Service allows individual volunteers from businesses, school groups, scout troops, civic and social clubs, church youth groups and the like to participate in volunteer service projects around Gwinnett County. The event was created in the spirit of Gwinnett’s slogan, “Success Lives Here”. The days are designed to gain community awareness for the Gwinnett Coalition and the more than 800 health and human service agencies and organizations that the coalition represents to give support. Amigos for Christ, one of the largest non profit organizations in Gwinnett County, has been putting on the Celebrate Service Music Festival for 10 years as a way to create awareness about serving in your community and giving back to others. Since both organizations just celebrated their 10th anniversary and “we both create the same awareness, we though it was only natural to use the Celebrate Service Music Festival as a way to celebrate and reward the volunteers of GGDO” says Ellen Gerstein, the Director of Gwinnett Coalition, whose job is to create community awareness, while educating citizens and leaders about the needs around them. Last year we had over 80,000 volunteers, and completed over 150 service projects, making it one of the largest volunteer initiatives in the country.

Local support and involvement are key to the success of the event “ we will have over 60 non-profits showcasing what they do and how the people can become involved”. This event brings out the best in people and creates solidarity among our community” says John bland the Director of Amigos for Christ and the day culminates with an all day music festival put on by Amigos staff and volunteers at Suwanee Town Park. There will be 11 bands, events and jumpies for the kids, a golf tourney, 3v3 soccer, 2 bike rides, a 5K road race, bean bag tournament, a bake off and food galore. Some of the vendors include Longhorns, Chick Fil A and Shane’s rib Shack as well as local restaurants. For more information please go to Amigos and

About Amigos for Christ:

Amigos for Christ is a 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in Buford Georgia. Their mission is to serve the Lord by serving His poor. They accomplish this by providing food, healthcare, education, spirituality and economic development to the poor. Their efforts enable them to enrich the lives of those in need, as well as the missionaries who represent them. Amigos consist of a diverse and dedicated group, concerned about their less fortunate brothers and sisters. While they cannot change the entire world, they can help improve the world of some poor Nicaraguan people in need.

Hurricane Mitch struck Central America on October 30, 1998. Almost 3000 people were killed around Chinandega, Nicaragua, and entire villages disappeared under volcanic mudslides. Since then, Amigos for Christ has strived to settle and sustain these displaced families in safe, healthy communities. They plan and sponsor medical, housing, feeding, educational and clean water programs. They depend on volunteers that give back of their time to accomplish their goals.

About Gwinnett Coalition:

The Gwinnett Coalition for Health & Human Services’ annual signature event, the Great Days of Service is a one-of-a-kind community volunteer experience. Businesses, individuals, school groups, scout troops, civic and social clubs, church youth groups and the like have signed up each year since 1999 to participate in a volunteer service project usually falling in October. In 2009, there were more than 150 service project opportunities matching volunteers and resources to specific projects to benefit local charities and health and human service agencies.