12 Reasons to Volunteer for Gwinnett Great Days of Service

We know WHY we volunteer. Passion to help others, learn about your community, make a difference in your community, and so many more reasons…and WE have 12 more reasons for you to take action on for Gwinnett Great Days of Service October 20th and 21st, 2017!

1. A Brush with Kindness
2. Walk for Women! 
3. Take Care of Our Seniors
4. Beautify a Landscape
5. Create a Clean, Happy Space!
6. Support a Carnival
7. Clean up a Neighborhood!
8. Support a STEM event for Girl Scouts
9. Tidy Up and Create a Refreshed Space
10. Fix a Deck and Help a Family in Need!
11. STEM Skills Needed for Norcross 
12. Stadium Clean-Up